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Greek bus caught in hijack horror
Two suspected Albanians armed with hunting rifles and dynamite hijacked a packed passenger bus in Athens and set a Thursday deadline for payment of a $1-million ransom. ...  | Read.. 
Make a will for when you're ill
British lawmakers backed a proposal to let people write living wills ' documents that set out what treatment they want if they become seriously ill and lose the capacity to m ...  | Read.. 
N. Korea in sanctions war cry
North Korea warned Japan today that it would treat economic sanctions as a 'declaration of war' and threatened to try to exclude Tokyo from six-party talks on Pyongyang's nuc ...  | Read.. 
Cuba cross at Xmas lights
Cuba has demanded that the US take down Christmas lights in front of its mission in Havana's busy sea-side drive because they include a reference to jailed dissidents, the to ...  | Read.. 
A staff member of Madame Tussaud's museum poses with a waxwork of actor George Clooney during its launch in London on Wednesday. Visitors will be abl ...  | Read
Final puff
Floral feat
Silent light
Twinkle toes have a ball
The sequins are back...  | Read.. 
Nannygate spills out of 9/11 cop's dirty closet
The euphoria of election victory and anticipation of a spectacular January 20 inauguration of P..  | Read.. 
26 die in Nepal clash
Maoist rebels ambushed an army patrol in the west of Nepal ...  | Read.. 

Britain to shed embassy flab
Britain is to reshape its overseas diplomatic network, clos ...  | Read.. 

Song on lips, scandal-hit Blunkett quits
Senior British government minister David Blunkett, a truste ...  | Read.. 

Letter reveals Victoria's love
The extent of Queen Victoria's love for John Brown, her ...  | Read.. 

US 'Star Wars' flop show
The first test in nearly two years of a multibillion-dollar ...  | Read.. 

Iraq trials to kick off with Chemical Ali
Ali Hassan al-Majid, one of Saddam Hussein's most feared de ...  | Read..