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Favourite lie
A noble lord of my acquaintance has just sent me his copy of an invitation to a breakfast lecture at which my work is to be discussed. That is gratifying indeed, but a closer look suggests that the m...  | Read.. 
Indians' black hole idea triumphs
If you thought only the Cambridge University physicist Stephen Hawking has made ...  | Read.. 
Cockroaches, too, have buddies
It might seem counterintuitive ' or, let's face it, silly ' for scientists to cr ...  | Read.. 
Holy grail of physics
The celebration of the 20th year of the string theory, physicists' holy grail, a ...  | Read.. 
Machines learn like humans
Be it an exposure to odour, colour or a particular shape, human brain is tailore ...  | Read.. 
Favourite lie
Just like us
Human sacrifice
New compound
Medical conflict
Fake snake antidote
Just a few hiccups
With e-mail and instant messaging, the Internet has already changed the way people communicate, but the technology it threatens most directly is the telephone. Among the attractions of Internet telephone service, already in an estimated 600,000 house ...  | Read.. 
Fastest computer
Palmtop Bible
Distress call
Some stressful events seem to turn a person's hair grey overnight. Now a team of researchers has found that severe emotional distress 'like that caused by divorce, the loss of a job, or caring for an ill child or parent ' may speed up the aging of th ...  | Read.. 
Slight modification
Useless but tricky organ
Friendly snacks
Violent ads in sports telecast influence kids
Stress in kids leads to asthma
Anaesthesia cure for pain
Moms beat incubators
QED: Needed: ears, not eyes
For andrew parker,who fills his days at the Oxford University studying the irrigation system in beetles and the dazzling iridescence of butterfly wings, life changed through an e-mail. His book, In the Blink of an Eye, had stirred up the Pentag ...  | Read.. 
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