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Mickey Mao begins the long march
Walt Disney has teamed up with an unlikely but ruthless partner to introduce China to the pleasures of Mickey Mouse: the country's Communist Youth League, founded and inspired by Chairman Mao. ...  | Read.. 
Films of trial bag Euro Oscars
Films about euthanasia, abortion and the hardships of immigrant life bagged the top prizes at the 17th European Film Awards ...  | Read.. 
Over the moon with Bond buggy
Those who have aspired to live like Bond, James Bond, can try driving like him, picking up the lunar buggy used by '007' in ...  | Read.. 
Yoga: Got a minute ' or 12'
In the last three articles, we presented simple asanas that almost any one of us can do. You will have experienced how simple and effective yoga can be, if you have been able ...  | Read.. 
Body Watch
Q: Is it right for a diabetic to exercise' I am a 43-year-old housewife and have diabetic symptoms. I also have a number of diet restrictions....  | Read.. 
Actor Penelope Cruz at the European film awards ceremony in Barcelona on Saturday. (Reuters)