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'The period of nightmare is over'
Bitter memories are like festering sores. But sometimes, the slate is wiped clean: the old order is altered, the forbidden becomes the preferred and hope comes calling in renewed vigour. ...  | Read.. 
For a ringside view
Seventeen years ago, they descended on the city in all their splendour and left the Ind ...  | Read.. 
All for the PM's man
Bollywood buzz
Bahal bunkered
Light on yoga
Tittle tattle
The whole nine yards
The artistes take their nine-yard saris, and drape them deftly around and between the legs. They place elaborate wigs over their ponytailed hair. Their eyes are kohl-rimmed, their lips prettily shaded. They put their necklaces on, add dangling jhu...  | Read.. 
Last Word: Behind the doors
This is the story we never tell. It hovers like a question mark at the back of bad divorces. It lurks behind the screams you hear coming from the neighbour's house, when you know you won't interfere because 'it's a domestic matter'. It's th...  | Read.. 
The party is not over yet
Along the same lines
Spark in the dark
Slam the spammers
Not all white
Rock of ages