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On another plane
The public conduct of foreign policy tends to focus excessively on the spectacular. This is as true for India as it is for Western democracies and African potentates. The past fortnight witnessed another round of India-Pakistan talks that yielded mor...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Caught in a jam
Sir ' The Calcutta high court may have ordered Mamata Banerjee to call off her 12-hour bandh ...  | Read.. 
The anti-hero
Sir 'Yasser Arafat will always be remembered as a prime instigator of terrorism in west Asia. Can a ...  | Read.. 
Parting shot
Sir ' The fact that the earth is losing species at a rate comparable to the time prior to the exti ...  | Read.. 
Fatima Chowdhury's 'Looking beyond borders' (Dec 2) appeared incomplete. The missed ending reads 'as ...  | Read.. 
The national common minimum programme increases pressures for government expenditure and makes targets of Fiscal Responsibili...| Read.. 
The Calcutta high court order against bandhs has prompted a rare moment of sympathy between two arch-enemies. The Comm...| Read.. 
Cracks in the wall
Since 1978, when Deng Xiaoping set China upon the road to a 'socialist market economy', the number of poor Chinese has reduce...  | Read.. 
I hate to see prudence clinging to the green suckers of youth; 'tis like ivy round a sapling, and spoils the growth of the tree. ' RICHARD BRINSLEY SHERIDAN
A dot in the tinkling void
SEEKER: THE ART OF SOHAN QADRI (Mapin, Rs 1,500) collects the paintings ...  | Read.. 
Faster, higher, stronger
GREAT INDIAN OLYMPIANS By Gulu Ezekiel and K. Arumugam, Field Hockey, ...  | Read.. 
Home-grown wisdom
Signifying the Self: Women and Literature Edited by Malashri Lal, Shormish...  | Read.. 
The human touch
Culture and Public Action Edited by Vijayendra Rao and Michael Walton, ...  | Read.. 
No one reads any more
There are two indicators of the health of the Indian book world: the condit...  | Read.. 

Does the Queen pick her nose'