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Ukraine standoff talks at standstill
Talks to end Ukraine's presidential election standoff are going badly, the outgoing President said today while the country seethed with street rallies and threatened to break apart over the crisis. ...  | Read.. 
Redgraves launch rights party
Britain's most famous acting dynasty launched a new party yesterday to promote the human rights it says have been abused in the war on terror and fight Prime Minister Tony Bl ...  | Read.. 
Art for Moscow millionaires
Flush with cash and culturally conscious, Moscow's millionaires are descending on London to snap up national treasures at what is being billed the biggest offering of Russian ...  | Read.. 
Bride & gloom at wedding
It was, by all accounts, a memorably grand occasion. About 400 guests attended the royal wedding of Japan's Prince Arisugawa in April last year, including scions of high-born ...  | Read.. 
Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf (left) visits the Christ the Redeemer statue, atop Corcovado mountain, in Rio de Janeiro on Sunday. In Karachi, ...  | Read
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Blunkett's romp comes home to roost
David Blunkett must today be a worried man ' Tony Blair has expressed 'full confidence' in his ..  | Read.. 
Harry's 'first true love'
A 19-year-old blonde, whose father runs a game farm in Zimbabwe, has stolen Prince Harry's heart an..  | Read.. 
Israel plea on Arafat birthplace
Israel has asked French authorities to change Yasser Arafa ...  | Read.. 

Iran backs down on nuke plan
Iran formally withdrew its demand to exempt sensitive resea ...  | Read.. 

Methane on Mars brings alive possibility of life
A third team of scientists has now reported a seemingly sim ...  | Read.. 

China coal mine blast traps 166
A gas explosion tore through a coal mine in northern China ...  | Read..