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Court freezes Ukraine election result
Ukraine's highest court today blocked the installation as President of Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovich, whose contested election has led to mass protests, and said it would examine a complaint by his liberal challenger. ...  | Read.. 
Deuba poll ultimatum to Maoists
Nepal will push ahead with planned elections if Maoist rebels do not respond by January 13 to a government offer for peace talks to end a bloody revolt, Prime Minister Sher B ...  | Read.. 
Weapons lab found in Falluja
A laboratory for the manufacture of chemical weapons has been found in Falluja, an Iraqi minister said today, but Marines in the city said they were not aware of any such dis ...  | Read.. 
Muslims recruit Bard
British Muslims have recruited William Shakespeare to give them an image makeover. ...  | Read.. 
Closing in: Jude Law and Julia Roberts in a scene from their new film Closer. Directed by Mike Nichols, Closer also stars Natalie Portma ...  | Read
Golden guitar
Pak Osama disclaimer
Al Qaida chief Osama bin Laden cannot be hiding in Pakistan's tribal lands on the Afghan border as ..  | Read.. 
Tom, Clint on Mission Fiat
Can a 'Top Gun' and a tight-lipped loner out of the Old West help rescue the fortunes of Italian ca..  | Read.. 
Bushes to dine on leftovers
When President George W. Bush and his family sit down for t ...  | Read..