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Ukraine rivals seek end to feud
Ukraine's political crisis appeared to ease today when both presidential candidates in a disputed election offered ways out of their bitter feud that has taken the country to the brink of violent conflict. ...  | Read.. 
Don't hurt that bug! It can act as bio-sentinels
Don't squash that bug! Cockroaches, beetles, spiders and worms may be the US government's next line of defence in the war on terror. ...  | Read.. 
Russian scientist sentenced for spying
A Russian scientist convicted of spying for China was sentenced today to 14 years in jail, in a case rights groups fear was politically driven to stop scientists working with ...  | Read.. 
Fight bad breath with lasers
If brushing and mouthwash don't improve bad breath, an Israeli scientist may have the solution ' laser treatment. ...  | Read.. 
A supporter of presidential candidate Viktor Yushchenko during a demonstration in Lviv, Ukraine. (AFP)
Mental magic
Duty calls
Italy knight
Book reveals Britain's dreaded 'stage police'
Never show Jesus Christ or Queen Victoria. Do not blaspheme or mention homosexuality...  | Read.. 
Apocalypse phrase ban on UK firm
A British company was banned today from using the phrase 'napalm never smelt this good' in promotio..  | Read.. 
Marines fear nothing but Dear John letters
US Marines thousands of miles from home in Iraq face ruthle ...  | Read.. 

Blair impeach bid launched
Parliamentarians and celebrity campaigners launched a bid t ...  | Read.. 

Pervez urged to quit post
Pakistan's main alliance of Islamic parties demanded today ...  | Read..