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Digital beauty
Kaya, Ilana, Dana and Marlene. They’ve got flawless skin, ravishing eyes, luscious lips and perfect jawlines. Their expression radiates confidence and a subtle coquettishness. And they’re ready to work anytime or anywhere — ramps, movie studios or TV production floors. The only problem is that they aren’t humans. Rather, they are digitally created 3D animated models that don’t exist below the neck down ...  | Read.. 
Only running shaped humans
Running, not walking, helped shape the modern human body ' and the buttocks play ...  | Read.. 
Newton on the pitch
It's third and long midway through the second quarter, and Baylor's quarterback ...  | Read.. 
Ilana (left) and Kaya. Digital images created by Alceu Baptistao
Digital beauty
Brief winter
Cosmic tune
Bubble clue
Wanted: Empathy
For a clear concept
Faulty diet
Small to big time
It takes squinting and guesswork to make out the details of postage stamp-size snapshots displayed on cellphones and digital cameras. But researchers are working on pocket-size projectors so that one day people will be able to see a high-resolution s ...  | Read.. 
Sewage power
Mummy returns
Spare the rod
The thing about children is that sometimes they misbehave. They disobey. They talk back. They ignore their chores and fight with their siblings. Even the most patient parent can end up hollering. ...  | Read.. 
Irreparable damage
A very hot area in biology
Total benefit
Breastfeeding keeps arthritis at bay
Excess vitamin E is bad
Drops can correct a lazy eye
Single mothers skew sex ratio
QED: Hi-tech isn't higher
This isn't the first time an emerging technology applied without sufficient forethought has proved banal. But film media's unscrupulous love affair with computer- generated imagery (CGI) techniques as crowd-pleaser could reopen even the best-healed w ...  | Read.. 
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