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UK jets chase silent Pak plane
Two Royal Air Force (RAF) fighter jets intercepted a Pakistan International Airlines Boeing 747 carrying 81 passengers from Karachi to Manchester because its crew repeatedly failed to contact air traffic controllers, it was disclosed yesterday. ...  | Read.. 
TV saint steals Advani show
The relay fast was meant to mark L.K. Advani's return to agitational politics. ...  | Read.. 
Shilpa and Sanu star in Mittal mahabhoj
'Homecoming' for Vanisha and Amit five months after Versailles wedding
The venue was neither a 17th-century Parisian chateau nor a palace in Versailles, but 24 Alipore Road. There was no Aishwarya Rai or Kylie Minogue, but Shilpa Shetty and Kum ...  | Read.. 
Amit and Vanisha on way to their reception. Picture by Pradip Sanyal
We are ready to meet India half-way, not all the way

Naxalites strike terror in UP
Suspected Naxalites blew up a van carrying policemen, killing 17 of them, in Uttar Pradesh this ...  | Read..
Appeal rush in judge case
The Supreme Court is set to witness yet another round of legal battles over the Salt Lake land ...  | Read..
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High court extends seer's jail stay
Madras High Court rejected the Kanchi seer's bail application this eve ...   | Read.. 
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Request timing defence on plot
Justice Bhagabati Prosad Banerjee, who is filing a revision petition i ...   | Read.. 
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Capital punishment revived
Sri Lanka today reactivated its dormant death penalty for murder, rape and ...   | Read.. 
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Sourav has 'mixed' feelings
While Graeme Smith had no hesitation saying he was 'happy' at stumps o ...   | Read.. 
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SINGLE in the city
If she is her father's daughter no more, and her husband's wife not yet ...   | Read.. 
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This is not music
At a recent paper-reading by, and discussion with, Perry Anderson at the Se ...   | Read.. 
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HDFC floating-rate loans turn dearer
Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC) will raise the interest rat ...   | Read..