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Uma acts banished daughter

New Delhi, Nov. 11: The BJP suggested it was prepared to reconsider suspension, but Uma Bharti appeared to be in a vengeful mood.

In the presence of the media, she read aloud a letter she wrote to L.K. Advani today, accusing the BJP president of throwing her out of his 'house' on an auspicious day.

'On the day of Dhanteras, you threw your daughter out of the house,' she said.

The fact that the letter was disclosed to the media before it was handed to Advani seemed to indicate Uma was trying to have her own back for what she and the RSS believe to be a set-up yesterday at the BJP office-bearers' meeting.

Advani's admonition to Uma when he refused to discuss allegations she was levelling against some party colleagues, followed by her dramatic walkout, was recorded by TV cameras.

Uma and some in the RSS suspect the media was called to witness the 'taming' of the sanyasin. She wrote: 'What happened yesterday was beyond your control and mine. May be the gods had ordained it to happen. I was in seclusion and I had to leave my sadhna (reflection) incomplete because you ordered me to come to the meeting. But may be the gods wanted it that way.'

'But let me tell you, Advaniji, your decision (to suspend her) will not change the direction (disha) and condition (dasha) of my life because I am with the poor of this country.'

Uma said she would personally give her letter to Advani and Atal Bihari Vajpayee and leave for Kedarnath tonight where she planned to 'complete' her vacation until end-November.

The letter questioned Advani's decision to suspend her for indiscipline. 'I reflected deeply on what happened yesterday and I found there was no evidence of indiscipline. I will not go into the matter of what profit and loss my departure has caused. I have been an ordinary member of the party and have built the party along with the labour of lakhs of other ordinary workers.'

The missive was a bolt from the blue for the BJP, which spent the greater part of the day hoping to work out a rapprochement with RSS help. Sources close to Advani claimed they were in touch with Uma and she was told the party would welcome her back provided she gave an unconditional apology.

Spokesperson Arun Jaitley clarified that no show-cause notice was issued to her, nor was she given a time frame to reply to her suspension.

The sources said Advani left it to the skills of a mutual friend, S. Gurumurthy, to make Uma 'see sense'.

But she was in a huddle with her confidant, K.N. Govindacharya, for the greater part of the day. From the language of the letter, it was apparent Govindacharya's labour was not lost.

In the letter, Uma addressed criticism that she was prone to throwing tantrums to get her way and had acted up recently to retrieve the post of Madhya Pradesh chief minister.

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