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To my sweetheart Vivek
Idol talk

If there's something called cute, that's you.
If there's someone charming, that again is you.
If there's a cool dude anywhere, that's you.
If someone had the sweetest smile, that would be you again.
And if someone had the way to my heart, I bet it's no one but you.

That cool attitude, the boyish face, the hunky image, and the overtly sensitive guy beneath all these simply makes you nothing less than god. This might be your millionth fan mail, but it sure is my first love letter. Believe me, I gave up on coke ever since I got addicted to you. And you better know it, my prayers did have something to do with your recovery from that leg injury. Never wanted you to have any not-so-good experience in my city. But, then, I never really wanted to be the thousandth girl running after the hottest yuva around. but that's what I end up as. Here I am panting for breath, trying hard to keep pace with the others (or, maybe, outdo if I could). And there you have loadz of masti in the star-studded company you have. Don' know how long the road to you is. I just hope my sweat pays off someday. Ain't this strange ' a girl wooing a guy this way' But this isn't just another guy. This is the great great Vivek. And it is pretty obvious anyway, when the girl has little resemblance to Britney (or Ash, for that matter). The other day, I saw you on MTV, chatting with a VJ, and I couldn't just bat an eyelid. I discovered you were really damn cool, damn wacky, and you even had that funny bone in you. God, you were awesome. And trust me, you looked exceptionally, just impossibly cute that day. All right, I can't help it if you wanna see me cry (like Enrique does). But, mind you, no matter how hard you try, you just can't escape my love. What if my parents don't let me stick your posters in my room. They don't know it's you behind that red Ferrari, and under my pic on the bedside table, and even inside my wardrobe! No one can keep me down y'know, coz I have the dum like you do. Okay, this dum doesn't help much to boost up my grades. But you can't deny my unflagging spirit ' my true devotion for you.

No matter how incredibly crappy I must've sounded, but hey, believe me when I say, you are the greatest creation, my dearest adoration and my truest admiration. May you rise higher with God's choicest blessings.

With love, from the greatest and craziest (though anjaani to you) fan of yours.

Truly, madly, deeply yours,
Suheli (Calcutta)

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