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Falluja in US grip
US forces backed by Iraqi troops surged into the heart of Falluja today, taking a grip on Iraq's most rebellious city after a day of intense street-to-street combat. ...  | Read.. 
NRI family murder trial begins
The trial of three Englishmen accused of murdering an entire Indian family ' husband, wife, two children and mother-in-law ' has opened at the Old Bailey in London with t ...  | Read.. 
'Catwoman' gets on Jim Belushi nerves
Actor Jim Belushi says his next-door neighbour, actress Julie Newmar, is spying on him, destroying his property and calling him names behind his back. ...  | Read.. 
Twin Nepal blasts shatter calm
Two powerful bomb explosions in Nepal today ripped through a state-owned corporation building and a government office, wounding at least 40 people in attacks authorities blam ...  | Read.. 
A Marine with an injured colleague in Falluja. (Reuters)
Confusion shrouds Arafat state
The fate of Palestinian President Yasser Arafat was mired in confusion today as French doctors cont..  | Read.. 
Rush to leave Bush-ed US
Americans are looking to emigrate in droves, following the election of George W Bush for a seco..  | Read..