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Colin not keen on Bond

Los Angeles, Nov. 9 (Reuters): Irish actor Colin Farrell says he is not interested in becoming the next James Bond. Working as Alexander the Great seems to be enough.

In an interview on Sunday to discuss his soon to be released film Alexander, Farrell, 28, was asked about a suggestion by outgoing James Bond, Pierce Brosnan, last week that he get the job because 'he'll eat the head off them all.'

Farrell feigned outrage at the thought of becoming the sixth James Bond, joking he was shocked by Brosnan's suggestion and if he got the job, he just might employ an Irish accent to confuse fans of the suave British agent.

'The idea of me playing James Bond got into the press, but it is not true. I would not like to do it...they should find someone the audience has no history with,' Farrell said.

Farrell stars in the upcoming Oliver Stone film Alexander, slated to open later this month. It was a role that had plenty of action for him as he broke an ankle and a wrist while filming battle scenes on location in Thailand.

Finding a successor to Brosnan as agent 007 has been the subject of intense speculation for months. Other actors named as possibilities to put on Bond's trademark tuxedo are Hugh Jackman and Jude Law.

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