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Core conservative card pays off
Richard Nixon once said the key for Republicans to win the White House was to run as a conservative in the party's nominating primaries and move to the centre in the presidential election. ...  | Read.. 
Karzai wins
Incumbent Hamid Karzai was declared the winner of last month's Afghan presidential election today and now faces the task of forming a government minus the warlords and drug r ...  | Read.. 
Pak attack
A gunman opened fire inside a Sunni mosque in Karachi today, killing at least one worshipper and wounding two clerics, one critically. City police chief Fayyaz Leghari said t ...  | Read.. 
Iraqis too busy trying to stay alive
While President George W. Bush prepared to declare victory in the US election, ordinary Iraqis said today they were too busy trying to stay alive to worry about who would be ...  | Read.. 
A voter in Cincinnati, Ohio. (AFP)
First family tableau
As aides juggled nerve-racking election returns, President Bush invited reporters into the Whit..  | Read.. 
Promise fades away in cold night
Election Day began for Senator John F. Kerry with so much promise, with exit polling favouring his ..  | Read.. 
Daschle loses in shock result
Republicans expanded their hold on the US Congress in yeste ...  | Read..