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Stubborn things
The mythology is all in place. The killing of the great asura, Kuse Munusamy Veerappan, took place during Navaratri, with J. Jayalalithaa, an indomitable Durga to her followers, providing the inspirational surge. Human rights bodies might worr...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Killing with kindness
Sir ' The 'Breeding proposal to save antelopes' (Oct 26) is absurd, although environmentalists will ...  | Read.. 
Old wine in new bottle
Sir ' L.K. Advani's announcement at the national council meeting of the Bharatiya Janata Party (the ...  | Read.. 
Being a people's minister can be a thankless and hazardous job. All are welcome at Mr Subhas Chakraborty's home, and the spo...| Read.. 
It is human to avoid problems. One of the signs of the government's humanity is its reluctance to confront ugly issues, allow...| Read.. 
Speak A common tongue
Most of the world thought that this battle ended about 50 years ago, when America emerged as the new superpower and its langu...  | Read.. 
Lost in the mayhem
The distance between Tollygunge and Garia ought to be covered comfortably in half an hour. But life is not destined to be comfortable in this stretch, given the inevitability ...  | Read.. 
Dr Advani cannot cure
The Bharatiya Janata Party is sick. But can Dr Lal Kishen Advani cure it' The BJP is already being described as the party of 'two babas (old men)'. Both Advani and Atal...  | Read.. 
Do people who wave at trains/ Wave at the driver, or at the train itself'/ Or, do people who wave at trains/ Wave at the passengers' Those hurtling strangers,/ The unidentifiable flying faces' ' ROGER MCGOUGH