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Running the dawk
'Sesquicentenary' is quite a mouthful. That's what the post offices are celebrating now ' 150 years of existence, courtesy of Lord Dalhousie's Post Office Act of 1854, predating the Indian Post Office Act of 1898. India has 155,618 post offices, out ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Little problems
Sir ' In a country where women give birth on the road, infants are left to die in garbage vats or a ...  | Read.. 
Winner takes most
Sir ' Sharad Pawar, and not Sonia Gandhi, has emerged the clear winner in the Maharashtra assembly ...  | Read.. 
The visit to India by Myanmar's top military leader, Mr Than Shwe, is significant for a variety of reasons. Although the visi...| Read.. 
Molesting women while worshipping the Mother is a typically Indian paradox. And the chief minister regarding this as evidence...| Read.. 
Before the die is cast
'It's hard work, you know.' That is not George Bush referring to his role in the Iraq war, although he used the phrase, ad...  | Read.. 
Mountain rage
Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism have been overemphasized as the main factors in all contemporary civil strife. Iraq is the most recent example of the falsity of this theo...  | Read.. 
Take on a deeper shade of green
A large number of development projects cleared by the MoEF do not fulfil the conditions under which they were cleared...A huge loan was received by the MoEF some years ago, fo...  | Read.. 
Lives of great men all remind us/ We can make our lives sublime,/ And departing, leave behind us/ Footprints on the sands of time. ' HENRY LONGFELLOW