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Buy this, buy that
Why do you end up buying a can of Coke even though you prefer the tangy flavour of Pepsi' What keeps you glued to the ninth rerun of Casablanca while another movie channel's been beaming ...  | Read.. 
Lie detector to cancer screen
Call it lie detection technology with applications in breast cancer screening, o ...  | Read.. 
Cosmic grind, with a twist
New infrared observations of the disks of dust and rock around young stars revea ...  | Read.. 
Lesson in linguistics
Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin,' the three little pigs taunted the big b ...  | Read.. 
Sound clue
Snail fangs
Fly clock
Vaccine downside
Placebo power
Dummy cure
Pizza on the rooftop
The satellite TV business owes at least a bit of its success to a connection to America's favourite food. A decade ago, when 'digital' meant little to most people, DirecTV launched the nation's first high-power satellite service that used the ones ...  | Read.. 
Robot software
Chip under skin
Saving Mr Smith
Mr Smith could not breathe. Bright-red blood, filling up the air spaces in his lungs, was spewing from his mouth whenever he coughed. ...  | Read.. 
Do you hear the drums'
Barking up the biopsy tree
Speech is processed in the left side of the brain
Sound Clue
Weekend-only exercise also helpful
Seizure pill bad in pregnancy
Malaria shot raises hope
Underwear heart monitor
QED: Hacking everywhere
It was interesting to read the the article 'Cyber Extortionists' in this column recently. The author highlighted a very important aspect of the otherwise glittery world of online commerce. True, the cyberworld is still far from safe and secure when i ...  | Read.. 
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