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Nobel and consistent
During the first fortnight in October, economists all over the world speculate on who are likely to win the Nobel prize. Several names are tossed around ' the giants in the profession have already received the prize, and so there no obvious candidate...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
The good son
Sir ' Nirupa Roy's death did not cause much of a ripple in Bollywood ('Bollywood's model mother no ...  | Read.. 
God of small industries
Sir ' The report, 'Small-unit clusters in the offing' (Oct 11), is a little too optimistic. The gov ...  | Read.. 
A new smile this puja
Sir ' Millions of rupees are spent every year by the Durga Puja organizers to create pandals and id ...  | Read.. 
Death or the Lok Sabha. Such is perhaps the choice of destiny for mythically lawless Indians like Veerappan and Phoolan Devi,...| Read.. 
The first hurdles are often the most difficult to cross in peace talks. It is a good omen that both the Assam government and ...| Read.. 
A Kerry in every Bush
In Bush-land, where 'you are either with us or against us,' it all depends on which paper you are reading, which channel you ...  | Read.. 
Going round the evolutionary cycle
As the Mahabharata is supposed to have been composed between 200 BC and AD 200, it is reasonable to suggest that the game of cricket in its earliest form was played in ...  | Read.. 
Somewhere, everywhere, now hidden, now apparent in whatever is written down, is the form of a human being. If we seek to know him, are we idly occupied' ' VIRGINIA WOOLF