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The follow-on trap
This column is being written after the second day's play in the Bangalore test. Having wagered with one of my Australian cricketing mates that India was going to win this series four-nil, I am now in a very happy position. Sourav Ganguly is nothing i...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Knocking on the door
Sir ' The globalization of trade may be a half-realized dream, but the globalization of ...  | Read.. 
Slippery customer
Sir ' In defending Pervez Musharraf, S.L. Rao unfortunately plays the devil's advocate ('Business w ...  | Read.. 
Just a thought
Sir ' The puja spirit has reached a fever pitch all over the city, with busy shoppers throng ...  | Read.. 
Three hundred donkeys and 5,000 mobile phones. These were the essentials, together with Russian jeeps, helicopters and a carg...| Read.. 
In politics, as in social life, party-hopping can pay rich dividends. The important thing is to choose the right party at the...| Read.. 
A festive season every year
It is festival time and everyone loves a good festival, I believe. While festivals and festivities are part of our living her...  | Read.. 
Learning to speak like the masters
Once the British exported their rule. Then it was the English language. Now, Pax Britannica trades in that ultimate symbol of English snobbery, the hallowed public school. Wit...  | Read.. 
Elected Silence, sing to me/ And beat upon my whorled ear,/ Pipe me to pastures still and be/ The music that I care to hear. ' GERARD MANLEY HOPKINS