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Quotas for companies
By creating expectations about reservations in the private sector, the Congress has raised the stakes in competitive populism to new heights. The left parties have not lagged behind in demanding their pound of flesh from the capitalist class. Whateve...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Playing at revenge
Sir ' Every dog has his day, or so the saying goes. The play that began with volleys of insults and ...  | Read.. 
Borderline case
Sir ' In his article, 'Remote Control' (Oct 7), K.P. Nayar states that some government officials fe ...  | Read.. 
Chaos reigns
Sir ' The gherao of the managing director of the West Bengal government's IT agency,Webel, w ...  | Read.. 
There are certain kinds of violence that civilized society accepts in order to be civilized. Making public the deeply private...| Read.. 
Calcuttans will simply have to learn to live with it, and to die of it. The West Bengal government is either too inept to eve...| Read.. 
There is only one fashion
Sabyasachi Mukherjee returned to India after a successful fashion show in Milan and said, very aptly, that there is no infras...  | Read.. 
From strength to strength
There is little doubt that the western state of Maharashtra is in a state of political ferment. This may not be evident in the course of the electoral campaign but the undercurrents are too evident to be missed....  | Read.. 
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