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Thank you, comrade
I wish to acknowledge my deep debt to Comrade A.P. Bardhan. Four months ago, when the news began to trickle that the NDA was going to lose, the stock market went weak in its knees. When the Congress seemed to pull ahead, the punters got further dishe...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
They get to decide
Sir ' It is good to know that the fate of the United States of America may lie in the hands of its ...  | Read.. 
Sir ' Sujan Dutta's report, 'Classic case of politics of language' (Sept 28), says that the governm ...  | Read.. 
Memories of violence
Sir ' We must be grateful to Khushwant Singh for rekindling our memories of people like Qutubuddin ...  | Read.. 
Few images of a bleeding North-east have been as agonizing as the scenes of the latest mayhem there. What makes the violence ...| Read.. 
It could be made to look like a bonanza. The last part of the compensation money for survivors of the Bhopal gas tragedy will...| Read.. 
Left without reason
The infantile questioning of government and its policies is carried on relentlessly by those men and women who opted to sit o...  | Read.. 
Advantage rebellion
Last week, a group of nearly 50 rebels stormed Dumri village in Koderma district's Satgawah block and mowed down four villagers. One of them was a retired government teacher. ...  | Read.. 
Playing to empty galleries
Take a look at a few facts pertaining to the finals of the ICC Champion's Trophy in London just over a week ago. It was a Saturday and the hosts were playing. What's more, the...  | Read.. 
I have met a great many people on their way towards God and I wonder why they have chosen to look for him rather than themselves. ' JEANETTE WINTERSON