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Roadblocks in pandal raj
These Pujas have been around longer than Independent India. But before being a stopover on the five-day pandal-hopping route, these pujas play traffic-stopper for weeks. If for residents venturing out becomes an obstacle race, for commuters it means ...  | Read.. 
Girl freed from employers
She is all of nine, yet Santanu Banerjee, a World Health Organisation officer, and his wife, a teacher, beat her and kicked h...  | Read.. 
Milk sop for star witness
The cop cup of kindness overflows for Jhalmanjoy Maity. ...  | Read.. 
Calamity control address
After working out of a makeshift control room in the office of a joint secretary, which is made functional only 'during disas...  | Read.. 
Tail-pipe rap ahead
Having failed to meet the October 1 deadline set by Calcutta High Court to get its new auto-emission checking system in order...  | Read.. 
Doctored car fuel drives the market
The city is in the grip of a spurious fuel racket, which is also partly responsible for the spurt in road accidents. ...  | Read.. 
Winter date with The Namesake
Mira Nair's year-end shoot with Rani Mukherjee for Jhumpa Lahiri novel

After Reese Witherspoon, Bath and William Makepeace Thackeray, it's Rani Mukherjee, Aurora Studios and Jhumpa Lahiri for Mira ...  | Read.. 
A medley of expressions, graceful body movements, soulful music and spotless off-white attire charmed the audience at Gyan Manch on Sunday evening. Ka ...  | Read
Hello, it's Monday, October 04, 2004
Road to avoid
Food fair
A vanishing act
Modern society has undergone degeneration of values to such an extent ...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Susan Sarandon You are open to change. Life is certain to throw up a lot of challenges. Routine bores you; you c ...Read.. 
Hard Talk
  Code shift cry for swift verdict
  Parameters of capital punishment
Drawing board to career
Some were there to show what they have learned. Others to know how to begin...  | Read.. 

Gender, violence & impact
More girls than boys are open to discussing homosexuality ...  | Read.. 

Post-Puja crater cover in Salt Lake
ROUGH RIDE...  | Read.. 

Buddha three-prong green plank
Alarmed by the visions portrayed in Day After Tomorrow, the chief mi...  | Read.. 

Mirror, mirror on make-up wall
Now you recognise them' now you don't. A few frames or the entire length of...  | Read.. 

Opposites bend to mingle
The change in the fashion scenario evokes no doubt that we are going throug...  | Read.. 
L-zone: 1 Allenby
1 Allenby, with the tagline The Fashion Destination, is the newest fashion ...  | Read.. 
Lunch launch
The set lunch at the office cafeteria could well be a bigger bore than the ...  | Read.. 
Thrill queen
Her lean college-girl frame with hair tied carelessly into a bun and face s...  | Read.. 
They did rock us, in Bangla
Calcuttans knew this was the closest they would get to an international roc...  | Read.. 
You can't get through this week without
Turning into a hog...  | Read.. 
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Northeast bandh cancels flights
Mission chief in hospital
Airport arrest
Godown fire
Japan bank
Dacoits held
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Change of regime, project in pause
Know your lines well
Mobile ban while on the move
Screen On & Off
Craft of the click
Murder of Mallika
Project report
New avatar