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Plagiarism charge plagues Da Vinci Code
It is the biggest-selling adult fiction book of all time and has earned its author a reputed '140 million with its plot about a global conspiracy to suppress Christ's marriage....  | Read.. 
Helmet to guide rider
A 'smart' motorcycle helmet that tells the wearer how fast they are travelling has been invented in an attempt to improv ...  | Read.. 
Fish as smart as Nemo
If you thought fish were cold, wet creatures who forget everything in three seconds flat, think again. ...  | Read.. 
Plastic causes asthma: Study
Chemicals found in clingfilm, plastic bottles and nail polish are to blame for the increased prevalence of childhood all ...  | Read.. 
'Never compromise on sleep'
From zero to regular to sporadic ' that's what my fitness routine has been like for a period of six years now. I was always an athletic person ' in school and in college I was ...  | Read.. 
Body Watch
Q:I have suffered a disc injury. Now I am thinking of taking up mountain biking. Would a rear suspension be kinder to my spine' ...  | Read.. 
File photo of an advertisement for a Princess Diana doll offered by the Franklin Mint. A judge has given the green light to the Franklin Mint to sue a ...  | Read