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For some time now, I've been meaning to write about how one work of art might catalyse, and bring into existence, another. I have two works in mind; both show ' and this is the reason for my interest in them ' that an artist's absorption, conscious o...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Lightness of being
Sir ' The handbag is part of the woman's enigma and no woman worth her salt would want to reveal wh ...  | Read.. 
Clear position
Sir ' Unfortunately, it has come to my notice that Elena Banik, an artist of standing, has made cer ...  | Read.. 
Power pinches
Sir ' I am sure that a large number of consumers of CESC have been stumped by the hefty increase in ...  | Read.. 
Arif or Taufiq' Does Gudiya really have the power to choose in this bizarre problem play of one woman, two husbands and an un...| Read.. 
Common names
Breaking free
Uncertain pitch
All for a house
Ace up her sleeve
Executive trouble
Never such innocence,/ Never before or since,/ As changed itself to past/ Without a word ' the men/ Leaving the gardens tidy,/ The thousands of marriages/ Lasting a little while longer:/ Never such innocence again. ' PHILIP ARTHUR LARKIN
Pawar and the glory
As symbols go, Sharad Pawar's party emblem ' a clock ' is particularly eloquent, for it can be read the way one would wish to...  | Read..