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Stunt shadow on Britney wedding

Los Angeles, Sept. 23 (Reuters): Is Britney Spears married or isn't she'

Did the world's most famous pop star try to avoid annoying paparazzi by staging 'secret' nuptials last weekend ' a month ahead of her scheduled dream day in October' Or did she take the media for a ride by staging a fake wedding and selling the pictures in an elaborate hoax'

These were the questions swirling about yesterday as People magazine published 'exclusive' wedding photographs and rival Us Weekly claimed it had a document proving the whole thing was a fake.

Spears' New York publicist Leslie Sloane said Spears and Kevin Federline 'are married. It is not a fake anything'. But Spears admits no wedding licence has been filed with authorities.

People magazine released exclusive pictures of Saturday's wedding at a private house in Los Angeles along with interviews in which Spears, 22, and Federline, 26, gushed about an emotional evening so secret that even the bride's mother was kept in the dark until a few hours beforehand.

'We were being stalked every day, everywhere we went. It made our lives and our families miserable. So the only way we could really avoid all that is to push up the (October 16) wedding date and do it immediately,' Federline told People.

But rival Us Weekly claimed it had a legal document signed by Spears and Federline four days before the event proving it was a fake.

The four-page document, which Us Weekly said had been authenticated, said Spears and Federline agreed 'to participate in a 'faux' wedding with one another on September 18...however they do not intend to and shall not validly marry one another on said date.'

Us claimed that arguments over a prenuptial agreement meant that Spears and Federline could not go ahead with a wedding last Saturday.

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