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Revisiting Greeneland
I was recently invited to see a film based on Graham Greene's The End of the Affair. I agreed because I remembered being moved by the novel as a teenage reader. I also recalled enjoying, as a young woman, Greene's 'whisky-priest' novels, parti...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Caught napping
Sir ' What is it with men unwilling to let go of their precious hours of sleep' ('Baby bawls, Dad d ...  | Read.. 
Old wounds
Sir ' Laloo Prasad Yadav's ordering of a new inquiry into the burning of the train at Godhra can be ...  | Read.. 
How much smaller did the militants want them to be' As the images of cowering, traumatized, wounded and dead children from th...| Read.. 
Gone, pursued by the three Gs
Lessons in history
His man in the PMO
Dress change
There was a photo-op there
My approach to newspapers was based on the idea that when you looked at the front page you said: 'Good heavens', when you looked at the middle page you said: 'Holy smoke', and by the time you got to the back page ' well, I'd have to utter a profanity to show how exciting it was. ' ARTHUR CHRISTIANSEN
The great divide
It's not often that poet Javed Akhtar picks up his well-honed quill to pen something as prosaic as a letter to the editor. Ea...  | Read..