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Cold war chills Venice
An icy front descended on the Venice Lido yesterday when Lauren Bacall delivered a withering put-down of her co-star Nicole Kidman. ...  | Read.. 
French President's 1200-mile flight of sleeping fancy
The most direct route from Paris to Moscow by aircraft is to fly due east. Unless you are President Jacques Chirac, that ...  | Read.. 
Guinness is 50
From the Israeli who grew the world's heaviest lemon to a British dog the size of a credit card ' Happy Birthday! ...  | Read.. 
A Stella role in sports clothes
The designer Stella McCartney has joined forces with Adidas to create her own collection for women. ...  | Read.. 
Baby bawls, dad dozes
Half of British fathers either continue to doze or pretend to be asleep when their babies cry during the night, making many ...  | Read.. 
Witness to a colossal crime
The impact, and importance, of Raghu Rai's photographs of the Bhopal gas tragedy work at many levels. At the most primary level, the photographer is an investigator and witnes...  | Read.. 
Indian sign language on stage
My personal choice as the sleeper in Badal Sircar's oeuvre is Hattamalar Opare, for its simplicity of concept and expression combined with depth of social import. A chi...  | Read.. 
Gimmickrynot enough
The outcome of this year's four-day long dance festival organised by Rajya Sangeet Akademy at Madhusudan Mancha (26 to 29 August) was not encouraging. ...  | Read.. 
Soothing impression
Frustrated youth
Better on celluloid
Singer Beyonce Knowles performs during the Fashion Rocks concert in New York. (Reuters)