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Acid anger on ex-lover
- Father, daughter held for attack on 26-year-old

Krishnagar, Sept. 8: A spurned woman and her father combined last night to perpetrate a ghastly act of revenge by splashing carbolic acid on the face of her former boyfriend.

Thirty-year-old Rita Bhowmick called 26-year-old Prahllad Sarkar, a group theatre activist, out of his house last night at Pratapnagar in Nadia's Nabadwip, about 100 km from Calcutta, and attacked him with the help of her father, Suresh.

Rita and Suresh have been arrested.

Doctor Bimal Hore, who treated Prahllad at Nabadwip State General Hospital, said if his corneas are not replaced immediately, he could go blind. He is now in the NRS Medical College and Hospital in Calcutta.

'Prahllad's injuries are critical and he has been shifted to Calcutta. We have arrested the father and daughter,' said Nadia superintendent of police Benoy Chakraborty.

Prahllad could barely speak this morning, but he managed to name Rita and Suresh as the attackers, he added.

According to the police, Prahllad's family was Suresh's tenant and the young man had developed a relationship with Rita since his school days. But Prahllad's father Baidyanath did not approve of their relation as Rita was a few years older to Prahllad.

Over the past five years, Baidyanath also developed a business rivalry with Suresh as both traded in construction material. Two years ago, Baidyanath shifted his family to his own house in the town.

'Prahllad grew up in that (Suresh's) house and developed a close relation with Rita. Rita's father also approved of the match but Prahllad's father did not like the idea because she was about four years older than my son,' said Malati, Prahllad's mother.

The police said that at one point, Prahllad was asked by his father to sever all ties with Rita. 'One day, Prahllad and Rita had a heated exchange on the road and Prahllad told Rita on her face that she was not beautiful enough and was not fit to be his wife. The girl probably could not digest this humiliation,' an official said.

Around Tuesday midnight, Rita and her father woke up Prahllad in his house and told him they needed his help. Recognising the two, Prahllad came out. They took him a little distance from the house and pounced on him.

The police said that while Suresh held the groggy Prahllad, Rita poured acid on his face, burning it. Local people found the youth howling with pain and took him to hospital.

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