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The also-ran nation
The 28th Olympic Games are now ended. In the battle for gold medals, China has almost drawn level with the United States of America, although in the tally of medals in all categories, it has lagged behind God’s Own Country. It is perhaps pertinent to...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
In the name of patriotism
Sir — Politicians are known for their ignorance, but it is inconceivable how an erudite journalist ...  | Read.. 
A messy affair is kind to no one. The entire sequence of events from the serving of the arrest warrant on Ms Uma Bharti, then...| Read.. 
Killers have no religion, no matter what faith they claim to profess. The Iraqi hostage-takers, who killed 12 innocent Nepali...| Read.. 
Give them dignity
Early on August 14, we fed, bathed, clothed and walked a man to his death. This man that we killed ritually, was he an island...  | Read.. 
Sure, deck your lower limbs in pants;/ Yours are the limbs, my sweeting./ You look divine as you advance —/ Have you seen yourself retreating' — OGDEN NASH
Sunlight with suffering
FLIGHTS INTO THE FOREIGN By Pico Iyer, Viking, Rs 395...  | Read.. 
Great man of the great plains
CRAZY HORSE By Larry McMurtry, Weidenfeld and Nicolson, £ 12.99...  | Read.. 
Never the twain shall meet
INFIDELS: THE CONFLICT BETWEEN CHRISTENDOM AND ISLAM 638-2002 By Andrew Wheatcroft, ...  | Read.. 
Caught in a restless time
THE POSTMASTER By Saad Ashraf, Penguin, Rs 295...  | Read.. 
Death and life in Bhopal
ÉXPOSURES (Green- peace, Rs 500), subtitled “Portrait of a Corporate ....  | Read.. 

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