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400 held hostage in Russia school
A heavily armed gang seized up to 400 hostages at a Russian school near Chechnya today and threatened to kill 50 children for any member of their group killed, a senior local official said. ...  | Read.. 
6 injured in bomb attack near Dhaka
At least six people were injured when a bomb exploded in a town north of Dhaka today, 11 days after a deadly grenade attack at an Opposition rally in the capital killed 19, p ...  | Read.. 
Ex-spy chief in Aziz team
The transfer of power in Pakistan was completed today with the induction of a 32-member cabinet representing a blend of experience and youth. ...  | Read.. 
Kerrys had a hamster tale, so do the Bushes
In an American presidential election where image counts more than ever before, if one candidate has a hamster story, the other one does too. ...  | Read.. 
Demonstrators angered by the killing of 12 Nepal hostages in Iraq, set a mosque on fire in Kathmandu. (Reuters)
Hungary Houdini
Spill drill
Doll drive
Forget Bush, Arnie’s the icon now
The Republicans have a new hero: Arnold Schwarzenegger. ..  | Read.. 
Internet cafes complete 10 years
It may come as a shock to those who can't tell their USB ports from their wireless ethernets, b..  | Read..