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Regulatory lightness
Indian governance has alienated people from government. Procedures are complex and secretive so that even many government servants find them hard to follow. Governments are unable to implement programmes faithfully, fully and without waste and corrup...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
Extreme caution
Sir Sunanda K. Datta-Ray has picked the perfect example to warn us about the dangers of appeasing ...  | Read.. 
Politics of revenge
Sir The resignation of the Madhya Pradesh chief minister, Uma Bharti, after the Karnataka governm ...  | Read.. 
Justice and peace seemed to have become divergent possibilities in Manipur. Each seemed possible only at the expense of the o...| Read.. 
Irony is the chosen mode of history, even when it decides to move in cycles. It is possible, again, to reiterate the old sayi...| Read.. 
Stem the rising tide
By a single act of passing a legislation in the state assembly to prevent the flow of water into Haryana and Rajasthan, the P...  | Read.. 
Unproductive confrontations
Politics in India is on the simmer again but not over substantive issues of governance. The polity is getting unnecessarily confrontational, with no one sure of how the system...  | Read.. 
If you cannot have your dear husband for a comfort and a delight, for a breadwinner and a crosspatch, for a sofa, chair or a hot-water bottle, one can use him as a Cross to be Borne. STEVIE SMITH