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Redrawing the world
India’s foreign secretaries are very good at redrawing the world — with the stroke of a pen. It is not unusual to find an incoming foreign secretary, bereft of ideas, deciding to redefine Europe, making Turkey part of the Continent in South Block’s ...  | Read.. 
Letters to the Editor
When did it all begin'
Sir — Ashok V. Desai traces the first impact of globalization on India back to 1865 (“India in 1865 ...  | Read.. 
Puzzle behind the smile
Sir — In the report, “Cracked: Mystery of Mona Lisa” (Aug 2), Bruce Johnston talks about Giu ...  | Read.. 
Devastation at hand
Sir — Try and imagine 49 million cubic metres of water gushing forward, with 30-feet-high waves at ...  | Read.. 
The ongoing composite dialogue between India and Pakistan has led to high-level interaction, in the last few weeks, between of...| Read.. 
Oil is slippery. High oil prices only increase the slipperiness. In India, the problem of high oil prices was escalated by the...| Read.. 
Sand, sun and safety
When I returned from Phuket, Thailand, last week, I fell into a deep depression just wondering how long we will take to get ou...  | Read.. 
How to move on slippery ground
The author is former governor, Reserve Bank of India...  | Read.. 
Blessed is the almost insensitive tree, more blessed is the hard stone that doesn’t feel, for no pain is greater than the pain of being alive, and no sorrow intense than conscious life. — R. DARÍO