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Revealed: Truth about women at the workplace
If you are reading this newspaper in your office, glance sideways and take a cool, appraising look at your nearest female colleague. ...  | Read.. 
Argentine ants in Australian attack
A giant colony of Argentine ants stretching 100 km has been discovered in the Australia ...  | Read.. 
Mice and men stalk Steinbeck’s son
Controversy stirs in John Steinbeck country, an area of northern California where the great 20th century author has long ign ...  | Read.. 
Matt’s hot, Paul’s not: Get your name right
Certain first names make people more attractive to the opposite sex while others are a turn-off, say linguists. ...  | Read.. 
Mary to Marie for Dunst
Kirsten Dunst is to star in a new Hollywood film about the life of Marie Antoinette. ...  | Read.. 
Napoleon, Nelson eye to eye
Two men who shaped the world as adversaries but never met will share a stage in London next year as Britain and France celeb ...  | Read.. 
Too many themes spoil the act
A digest of diverse dramatic scenes can never provide as much satisfaction as a full-fledged theatre production — neither for the viewers who find their attention regularly in...  | Read.. 
Not exactly his gurus’ disciple
The Sangeet Ashram presentation featuring a vocal recital by Pandit Ulhas Kashalkar at the G.D. Birla Sabhagar last Friday evening was a programme with a difference. For the A...  | Read.. 
Powerful and packed
Tau Moe introduced Hawaiian guitar to Calcutta during 1930s. Initially capturing the market of film songs, it made its foray into the classical genre slowly. The rest is no le...  | Read.. 
Opera effect on Tagore
Bridging earth and sky
Picture through music
Actors Julie Andrews (left) and Anne Hathaway at a special screening of their film The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement in New York. (Reuters)