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Shah vs govt and history
The first salvo fired, the government slipped behind a veil of silence on Friday as the battle on the Memorial grounds intensified along the shadow lines of aesthetics and ambition....  | Read.. 
Forms of worship reclaimed from time
If they had followed the scriptures to the last letter, the purohits would probably have used a whole range of mudras that could easily ...  | Read.. 
Visual clutter, traffic risk
Salt Lake may be a planned township, but its billboards, besides being a source of visual pollution, are posing a major threa...  | Read.. 
Hanging need not hang fire
Dhananjoy Chatterjee can go to the gallows any time now. ...  | Read.. 
Snags hit power supply
The city and its adjoining areas suffered power cuts for three to four hours on Friday evening, following the collapse of two...  | Read.. 
Laser cure minus pain
Fed up of seeing wrinkles on your face every time you look in the mirror, or irritated by the mole or wart, or just want thos...  | Read.. 
Trade feelers, spring rolls
Market-study team ends day with mall crawl, home food

Business by day, pleasure by night. After focused bouts of trade talks with the chief minister, government officials and capt ...  | Read.. 
Environmentalists and city-watchers may be at war with the civic authorities over the rampant felling of trees to widen roads and pavements, but the s ...  | Read
Hello, it's Saturday, August 07, 2004
Thrilling finish
Screen legends
Party time
Trek talk
Saluting a woman’s grit
With civilization of human race, comes progress in...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Charlize TheronYou are very independent and react adversely to restrictions. A good memory ...Read.. 
Guest Column
What made Park Street tick between the Fifties and the early Seventies' Soumitra Das speaks t...  | Read.. 
Slice of city for Dubai eyes only
From the new-age eateries in town to the unique nostalgia of Park Street as...  | Read.. 

Wife’s lover electrocuted
A 30-year-old man was electrocuted on Wednesday night by the husband of a w...  | Read.. 

Busmen eye court route
Bus operators on Friday decided to move high court next week, challenging t...  | Read.. 

Dacoity spree in minister backyard
Dacoits attempted to break into the Panchashayar residence of Ashoke Basu, ...  | Read.. 

Rallies hold up traffic
A string of rallies held up traffic in central and south Calcutta on Friday...  | Read.. 

Bolly’s bike boys
You might have caught Abhishek Bachchan in recent interviews on the small s...  | Read.. 

Feline force over monster might
One a villain, the other an anti-hero. One was real, the other a figment of the ...  | Read.. 

What We are Watching
Atom, the robot with a heart, has only one wish: To “build a world where people ...  | Read.. 
Kid clutter
Being celeb spawn has always been a ticket to success in Bollywood, but Hollywood is fast catching up with the trend...  | Read.. 
Naughty nooks for tiny tots
I can’t go. The kids are at home,” is no longer an excuse to not have fun i...  | Read.. 
Cool at the console
A semi-lit smoky room, free-flowing spirits (of all kinds), an interactive crowd...  | Read.. 
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Murder, suicide by jealous spouse
Boy run over by bus
Train on track
School collapse
Coach replaced
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No clue to tell the fresh from the flawed
Lessons on hospitality at home
Precious flow drained out
Traffic in place, people on road
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Feluda returns, by demand
Promo poopers
Reaching out
Straight talk