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For Faria, fortune follows fiery affair

London, Aug. 5: Nice British Asian girls don’t “kiss and tell”, do they'

The rules governing what is permissible are to be rewritten by the Bangladeshi secretary at the Football Association, Faria Alam, who has apparently decided to give her account of her affairs with the England football coach Sven-Goran Eriksson and with the organisation’s former chief executive, Mark Palios.

The pain of having to disclose the most intimate details of her sexual experiences will perhaps be eased by the £750,000 she will reportedly be paid for her disclosures.

Faria is not quite entering entirely unchartered waters -- back in 1989, Pamella Bordes (or Pamela Singh as she was when she won the Miss India title) was paid £250,000 by the Daily Mail after her affairs with a string of powerful men.

The PR publicist Max Clifford confirmed today that he had been approached by 38-year-old Faria and that he had agreed to represent her in her efforts to sell her story to the highest bidder.

That in itself is unremarkable. What is unusual is that Faria is probably the first Muslim woman who intends to go public with details of her sleeping arrangements. She has been described by The Sun as “curvy”.

She may not want to reveal everything but she is selling her story to two tough tabloid newspapers — probably the News of the World and The Sun — and they will write in the bits Faria may be too embarrassed to discuss. Her life will never be the same again. Circulation of the two tabloids among Asians will shoot up.

Clifford, who can expect to receive anything between 10 per cent and 20 per cent of her takings, said: “She wants to give her version of what has happened to her, as opposed to everybody else’s version, in her own words.”

Newspaper reporters will no doubt help Faria to pen “her words”.

He added: “She approached me, I have agreed to represent her. I think she’s a lovely and very intelligent woman, and her story gives a unique insight into those at the top of football in this country.”

Palios has resigned as chief executive though he had only a brief fling with Faria. The FA was meeting today to discuss Eriksson’s future. The FA initially denied that Faria and Eriksson had an affair but later admitted they had. The FA statement also revealed that Faria had a previous relationship with Palios.

Faria’s deal will probably include interviews with the two tabloids plus a TV chat with someone of the status of ITN’s Trevor McDonald.

With magazine interviews and further outlets in Sweden and Asia to be negotiated, media experts said she could earn as much as £750,000.

Clifford said: “What has brought this about is a combination of things, including the fact that there have been so many stories written about her in the last two weeks, from so-called close friends, some true, some partly true, and some totally untrue. She wants to give her version of what’s happened to her, as opposed to everybody else’s version, in her own words. The meeting she had with the FA a couple of days ago also helped her make up her mind that that’s what she wants to do.”

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