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Indian looks down barrel of gun
A masked kidnapper pointed a rifle at the head of Antaryami, one of the three Indian truck drivers abducted in Iraq, as a voice on the video threatened to kill a hostage tomorrow evening. ...  | Read.. 
Mallya brings Kingfisher colour to flying
Richard Branson and Vijay Mallya have such a lot in common, especially when it comes to accessories. ...  | Read.. 
Parties beware, Rao promises to spill all
Politician P.V. Narasimha Rao had held his tongue. As author, he is loosening it, and parties watch out. ...  | Read.. 
From London with leopard love
Nursing student helps lighten Kaziranga’s water woes
She nuzzles the leopard cub with the tenderness of a mother cuddling her child. “There, there will be okay and go back to where you belong soon,” Fiona Pamplin whi ...  | Read.. 
The videotape footage shows the barrel of the gun and Antaryami, one of the Indian hostages. (Reuters)
Time has truly come for India to become a global economic power

in Bangkok
Bangalore blight brightens up Bengal
When Bangalore takes a beating, it’s time for Bengal to beat its drum. ...  | Read..
PM rediscovery voyage
The quintessential economist in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was in full form on the home turf ...  | Read..
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Sonia leads party to PM send-off
Manmohan Singh succeeded in ending the send-off ritual and he did not. ...   | Read.. 
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More room for non-doctors
After drawing up a plan to induct homeopaths and ayurveds in primary h ...   | Read.. 
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Pak grapples with Iraq dilemma
Pakistan has discussed sending troops to Iraq as part of an Islamic force ...   | Read.. 
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Tendulkar: We need to fire collectively
V.V.S. Laxman is going to start nets on Friday, exactly a week after b ...   | Read.. 
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Plot transfer gets the nod
To put an end to underhand land deals in Salt Lake, the Buddhadeb Bhattacha ...   | Read.. 
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Who are we'
Until his death last year, the New York-based Palestinian academic, Edward ...   | Read.. 
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IDBI bypasses reverse merger
The boards of IDBI and IDBI Bank have cleared the long-standing plan for a ...   | Read.. 
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Catherine recounts Fatal Attraction with a twist
Catherine Zeta-Jones yesterday recounted her terror at the hands of a stal ...   | Read..