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Parents push for son arrest
- 23-year-old drug addict would assault elderly couple for cash

Hemanta Chatterjee, 70, and wife Maya, 66, moved Calcutta High Court on Friday, demanding the arrest of their 23-year-old son Sourav.

A drug addict, he has been accused by his parents of tormenting — and even thrashing — them for failing to fund his habit.

“Just realise how desperate the situation is that the parents have no option but to knock on the doors of the judiciary to get relief from their son. My clients are spending days of fear and trauma. If police do not arrest their son immediately, they will be ruined,” Ava Roy, counsel for the petitioners, urged the court.

The plight of the parents prompted Justice Pinaki Chandra Ghosh to direct the Thakurpukur police to book their son Sourav and initiate proceedings against him.

Hemanta and Maya Chatterjee, residents of Kastadanga Road, in Behala, stated before the court that they had done their best to raise their son as “a responsible citizen” of the country.

“Going beyond our means, we sent our son to a reputed English-medium school. But he became addicted to drugs from a very young age,” mother Maya told the court.

The petitioners also revealed that as soon as they came to know about their son’s addiction, they consulted a physician and sent their son to him for treatment.

“Following the treatment, he stayed off drugs for a while. But within a year, he was back on drugs,” they said.

“Recently, he (Sourav) has gone to the extreme. He is demanding money from his retired father every day. Hemanta Chatterjee’s inability to cough up money regularly would drive him into a rage… He does not even care for his parents’ ill-health,” counsel Roy told the court.

On January 16 this year, Sourav demanded money from his father to buy drugs. When Hemanta Chatterjee refused to comply, son Sourav started beating him up.

The father then felt he had no other alternative but to lodge a complaint against his own son with Thakurpukur police.

On March 29, Sourav again assaulted his father for not giving him money. Hemanta Chatterjee lodged another complaint with the same police station. But no action was taken.

Again, on April 1, Sourav lost his temper at being denied his ‘drug money’ and turned on his hapless father.

When his ailing mother tried to stop him, Sourav shoved her aside. “She fell and suffered serious injuries,” the lawyer stated.

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