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Slap doctor walks scot-free
What is the punishment for slapping a pregnant woman to induce labour and severely damaging her ear' ...  | Read.. 
Wiping away the wipeout memories
“When the SMS came, I thought something had happened to my father. Baba had had two heart attacks, so my first thought...  | Read.. 
A short fuse, but no other complaints
Dadun, tumi kobey ashbey (Grandpa, when will you visit us)'” Simanta’s affectionate query will haunt Bijoy Das foreve...  | Read.. 
Widow cry for justice
Kanika Pal, widow of murdered doctor Sushil Pal, pleaded for justice on Tuesday from the highest authority in the state admin...  | Read.. 
Beyond stars, leisure room for kings
CEOs, they say, get what they want. And city CEOs will soon be served up an exclusive address for work and pleasure. ...  | Read.. 
Paritosh Sen presents a book on his lifetime’s work to Bikash Bhattacharjee at the latter’s residence. The profusely-illustrated, 180-page book, distr ...  | Read
Hello, it's Wednesday, July 21, 2004
Roads to avoid
Tribute to a master
In remembrance of renowned Russian painter Ilya Ef...  | Read.. 
 You share your birthday with...
Robin Williams There’s an indication of general success and elevation in life. You will be able to ...Read.. 
We ask you Answer
  Punish, but after a probe
  H. Mohan
Godhra on stage, relationships on screen
A molestation trial is on in a Gujarat court, with a roomful of fanatics ba...  | Read.. 

Legal procedure twist in Rajnis case
He was brave and determined to counter the cross-examination of the defence...  | Read.. 

12 offer to defend teen kill accused
After the brutal murder of 18-year-old Kuntal Sain on July 2, it is now the...  | Read.. 

Canal-bank roads as alternative routes
To reduce load on APC Road and allow commuters to reach Sealdah station in ...  | Read.. 

Cancer patient hangs self
A 75-year-old patient was found hanging in his cabin at Kothari Medical Cen...  | Read.. 

Bound to a wheelchair, the spirit soars
Soumya Bhattacharya is bitterly unhappy with his marks. A first division, w...  | Read.. 

The book mirrors the mind
Even 24 hours before killing himself and six members of his family, Shibendu Saha was trying desperately ....  | Read.. 

Wood you knot
Tied up in knots trying to achieve that perfect lump on the throat' Try a ...  | Read.. 
Pitter-patter platter
The best way to pep up a rainy evening is with some really spicy food. Kee...  | Read.. 
Director’s diary
She’s 28 and a glamorous ad executive. He’s 22 and a gawky copywriter. A lo...  | Read.. 
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CMC submits green plan after chop ban
Power cut after supply shortfall
Petrol pump looted
Medical exam fees
Carjackers caught
Held for murder
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Copies cram shelves in book hub