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Bottled death in dead of night
It was at around 2 pm on Saturday that Shibendu Saha returned home, a large soft drink bottle tucked under one arm. There was nothing to suggest that this was Act I of a terrible tragedy waiting to strike 91/3C, Tollygunge Road, in the dead of the ni...  | Read.. 
Suicide note points finger inside
Was it because of Amalendu Saha, one of the uncles'...  | Read.. 
A reprisal of a past tragedy
The house in Tollygunge, in which the Sahas have lived for years, seems to have been jinxed. For, long before the serial deat...  | Read.. 
Crusader and a popular prankster
He was popular among his friends and in the neighbourhood. Everyone knew him as someone they could turn to when in trouble. H...  | Read.. 
Cheerful by day, corpses by dawn
“Everyone seemed so happy on Saturday,” whispered Soma Das, head bowed and eyes moist, as “everyone” was being carried out – ...  | Read.. 
Neighbours throng 91/3C, Tollygunge Road, for a gaze at the second floor, where Shibendu Saha poisoned his family of six and then hanged himself on Sa ...  | Read
Hello, it's Monday, July 19, 2004
Road to avoid
Career fair
Nirvana in porcelain
A kaleidoscopic view is what our world offers to i...  | Read.. 
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 It's Your Birthday So...
You are an excellent organiser, with a rational thought process. You can adapt to every situation ...Read.. 
Hard Talk
  Hotel poses bane and boon
  A balancing act in the wilderness
The sound of deathly silence
Staying awake to the wails of three-month-old Bedanta till late in the nigh...  | Read.. 

Dwindling fortunes and daily bread
Competition from savvy retail chains brought the once-popular Ramakrishna B...  | Read.. 

Sniff of chemical as killer potion
No strangulation mark. No sign of pain. No contortion. Only traces of blood...  | Read.. 

It’s all over: SMS to sister
The suicide note left behind by Shibendu Saha before he hanged himself hold...  | Read.. 

Leading ladies in local limelight
Two national stars were in town recently. One, the latest model-actress ...  | Read.. 
First b’day gift: new taste from north-west
As its “first birthday gift to Calcuttans”, Veda, the north-west frontier ...  | Read.. 
Social Register: Master the mix
The deafening loud — and getting louder — sound of music at city discos has...  | Read.. 
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Schoolbuses under guideline ambit
Tanker hijack gang held
Body found
Five arrested
Thumbs Up
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Examinees in woe at rickety desk
Fair damper