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Get jet-lagged with Naomi

London, July 5 (AFP): Just listening to Naomi Campbell is enough to get jet lag.

In an interview today with The Guardian, the 34-year-old British-born supermodel revealed how she didn’t stay in any one place for more than 48 hours the preceding week.

“I was in Brazil, in Sao Paulo, then here (London) for one night, Athens, Athens-here for two nights, then to Paris, Paris-Hamburg, Milan in one day, then Milan-Brazil, Brazil-New York for one day, back to Brazil, Brazil-here for one day, back to Brazil,” she said. “Then, I think, back to New York.”

What’s more, she added, she likes it that way. To be alone in an airplane, she said, is “very quiet and very calming. No one can reach you. You can read. You know what I mean' You’re up in the air, you’re somewhere but you’re nowhere at the same time.”

“Sometimes,” she continued, “I’m not on a plane for — it doesn’t happen often — but sometimes I’m not on a plane for 10 days, and I get like, aaargh, I need to get on a plane.”

Campbell’s interview was one of the few she has given since May when she won a landmark case against the Daily Mirror for disclosing in February 2001 that, despite her public denials of a drugs problem, she was attending narcotics anonymous meetings.

She told The Guardian that she still goes to narcotics anonymous — and that the first thing she does upon arriving in a new city is to find out where its meetings are taking place.

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