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Seasoned Saddam browbeats young judge
Ousted President and former law student Saddam Hussein proved more than a match for the Iraqi Special Tribunal in round one of what is expected to be a long legal battle as he fights for his life. ...  | Read.. 
Al Jazeera plans public offer
Arabic TV news channel Al Jazeera wants to sell shares to the public in two to three years and become profitable before that, a German newspaper reported its chief news edito ...  | Read.. 
Strategic Iraq pipeline hit
Saboteurs attacked the oil pipeline linking Iraq’s northern and southern fields today, a day after they hit another pipeline that cut exports by half, officials and witnesses ...  | Read.. 
Libya busts Qaida camp
Libyan secret services have found a desert operations camp belonging to an al Qaida-linked group called the GSPC after “intercepting” members of the group near the border wit ...  | Read.. 
An Iraqi police recruit with a US army instructor at Baghdad’s law enforcement academy. Iraq is bringing women into the police for the first time in decades, aiming to swell the ranks of a force working in one of the world’s most dangerous places. (Reuters)
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Gene therapy for cancer in China
Terminally ill cancer patients from Europe and America are travelling to China for treatment wi..  | Read.. 
Imran gets ready for second innings
Imran Khan, the Pakistani cricketer and politician who announced the break-up of his marriage to Je..  | Read.. 
Fire destroys part of Mao villa
Part of the villa complex where China’s late Communist lead ...  | Read..