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Spurt of defiance, then despair
An Armed Police constable picks up his lathi and dons his green helmet. Traffic sergeants get busy clearing the crowds. Lawyers stand back and police officers pull out their cellphones....  | Read.. 
Curtains & encore
One street. Two halls. Two destinies. One changing with the times, the other timed out by change....  | Read.. 
Defence eyes discrepancies
The verdict is out, the guilty have been sentenced… and it’s time for the court battle to begin. ...  | Read.. 
Ordeal’s end in battle of survival
“I’m glad the judge has sentenced my husband’s killers to life imprisonment. I hope they die in prison while serving their te...  | Read.. 
Realtor advocates on prowl
Pradip Kundalia, controversial builder who has played hide-and-seek with the law on various counts, has been sending feelers to the government, inviting it to the “negotiating table”, a minister ...  | Read.. 
One of the five constables pronounced guilty of murdering sergeant Bapi Sen is produced at the city civil and sessions court on Thursday for the final judgment in the case. Picture by Amit Datta
Hello, it's Friday, July 02, 2004
Road to avoid
Toy story
Monsoon painting
Art needs no excuse to be where it is. It can flou...  | Read.. 
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 Its your birthday so...
In you is a self-driven intellectual and a lover of change. A travelling job will offer mental st ...Read.. 
Guest Column
Having fanned a hobby for 25 years, artist Jatin Das now wants to preserve his 5,000-plus pankha...  | Read.. 
Keep clinical eye open, doctors told
Health minister Surjya Kanta Mishra lashed out at doctors for losing their ...  | Read.. 

Less fortunate than the Sens
The Sen family of Parnasree may have found the support to continue its crus...  | Read.. 

The curse on the class of ’91
Bapi Sen is not the only victim of the 1991 batch of sub-inspectors/sergean...  | Read.. 

Fusion fashion
When it comes to style, the city doesn’t seem to lack young talent. The ne...  | Read.. 
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Salary dispute shuts down Dakshinapan
Cash in hand for Rawdon project
JEE results
Dental care facility
Road renamed
Airlines protest
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Hike in fare, not in comfort
Writing on wall