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Good Morning on lips, Saddam enters court
Saddam Hussein, who brutalised Iraqis for decades, said “Good Morning” and sought to ask some questions when the US handed him over to Iraqi justice today, a witness said. ...  | Read.. 
Trial a farce, says lawyer
Saddam Hussein’s defence lawyer said today the former dicta ...  | Read.. 
Bishops rebuke Blair
Britain’s most senior Anglican churchmen delivered a harsh rebuke to Prime Minister Tony Blair today over the behaviour of coalition troops in Iraq. ...  | Read.. 
Londoners trek to work as strike cripples rail system
Millions of Londoners hiked, biked, or sat in solid traffic today after a strike over pay and working hours crippled the underground rail system. ...  | Read.. 
rhythm and beauty: Beyonce Knowles after she was given an award for “best collaboration” at the Black Entertainment Television Awards in Hollywood. Beyonce won the award with her boyfriend and rap superstar Jay-Z for their collaboration on the hit song Crazy in Love. Beyonce was also named best female R&B artist. (Reuters)
Dictator dolls dance to rock ’n’ roll
Iraqis used to dance to his tune, but in Baghdad toy shops a chubby, gun-toting Saddam Hussein doll..  | Read.. 
Iraqi cries: Kill his brain but let him live
When Kati Hamadi ponders what should be done with Saddam Hussein, she longs for the invention of a ..  | Read.. 
Zeta-Jones stalker apologises
A woman who has pleaded not guilty to felony charges ...  | Read.. 

US rate hike
The Federal Reserve raised US interest rates for the first ...  | Read.. 

Kids in passive smoking risk
Genetic defects can increase a child’s risk of developing a ...  | Read.. 

Foreigner in Taliban custody
The Taliban said it had captured a foreign woman and an Af ...  | Read.. 

PML chief sworn in new PM
Ruling Pakistan Muslim league (Quaid-e-Azam) chief Chau ...  | Read..