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The prosecution rests, the accused stand condemned
Courtroom, 2.15 pm. The 12th judge of the city sessions and civil court, Basudeb Majumdar, pauses, looks up, takes a deep breath and starts: “The prosecution has successfully proved the charge…” ...  | Read.. 
Solace eludes sonless Sens
Joydeb Sen returned from the city sessions and civil court late on Wednesday afternoon and told his mother that Bapi’s killer...  | Read.. 
In the shadows, a woman & her guilt
“She is as guilty as the five constables who beat my son to death.”...  | Read.. 
Venice beside Victoria
The stretch of land along Victoria Memorial’s perimeter wall, venue of several fairs in the past, will be turned into a park,...  | Read.. 
Barracks glower, HQ glows
Anger simmered at 6.05 pm at Sulekha Building, on BB Ganguly Street, the Calcutta Police Reserve Force (RF) barracks. In the dingy main hall, 30 pairs of eyes took in the news being telecast on a Bengali private channel: the conviction of five RF constables ....  | Read.. 
Supriya Devi has a soft spot for Prinsep Ghat. It was here that she and Uttam Kumar often took a stroll. Purnendu Dawn’s camera caught her in a nostal ...  | Read
Hello, it's Thursday, July 01, 2004
Road to avoid
Green study
Fan fare
Hard Talk
The horror of it
The CIMA Summer Show has the works of many importa...  | Read.. 
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 You share your birthday with...
Pamela Anderson You are good-natured and a devoted family person. Do not fear adventure, it simply ... Read.. 
  Acts of violence in corridor of care
  Callous to the ailing
  Smokescreen story
Malaria count up, Delhi freezes funds
The Calcutta Municipal Corporation (CMC) registered over 7,000 malaria case...  | Read.. 

More terminii need to keep roads clear
Of the 5,500 buses and minis plying in the city, 3,500 are parked on th...  | Read.. 

People’s hero cause of ruin, wail accused kin
When he was alive, Bapi Sen had made a name for himself as a dutiful police...  | Read.. 

Eye for an eye, cry witnesses
Shalake mere phel. Ekdom shesh kore de (Kill him… finish him off) — ...  | Read.. 

Murder past, future bleak
Relieved at hearing the news that her husband’s killers have been found gui...  | Read.. 

For a syllabus that suits office
Bridging the gap between classroom curriculum and boardroom requirement, th...  | Read.. 

Umbrella oomph
The wet days are here again — just in case you hadn’t noticed (!) — and it’...  | Read.. 
Mogul morsels
There’s a royal affair at Saffron with the Indian speciality restaurant at...  | Read.. 
Feng Shui: Voyage vessel to wanderlust ways
Q I am very fond of travelling but rarely get the opportunity to do so. I...  | Read.. 
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Firm in Salt Lake robbed of a lakh
Chargesheet against cops
Dancer arrested
Metro suicide
Road mishaps
Dacoity sentence
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Abroad and at helm of affairs
Yet another academic with roots in Calcutta is making his mark in the US. A ...  | Read..