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Saddam court show set to roll
Saddam Hussein will get his first day in an Iraqi court on Thursday, three days after Iraq regained its sovereignty from the US, but he will remain under American guard to ensure he doesn’t escape. ...  | Read.. 
Stop-gap PM gets a laughter pause
The ruling Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam) chief Shujaat Hussein was today chosen as the caretaker Prime Minister of Pakistan after the National Assembly elected hi ...  | Read.. 
Blow to Bush as foreign terror suspects win right to appeal
The US Supreme Court placed the first limits on President George W. Bush’s war on terrorism yesterday when it ruled that terror suspects can use the American judicial system ...  | Read.. 
Father of beheaded American attacks Bush
The father of Nick Berg, the 26-year-old American who was beheaded by his kidnappers in Iraq, today appeared at a surprise news conference in London to lend his passionate s ...  | Read.. 
Careless whisper: Melanie Griffith (left) whispers in her husband Antonio Banderas’ ear at the British charity premiere of Shrek 2 in in Leicester Square, London. (Reuters)
Portrait of Beckham the ‘looser’ defaced
A photographic portrait of David Beckham was defaced today amid lingering frustration among England..  | Read.. 
Coppola, Penn to join Oscar academy
Teenage Oscar-nominee Keisha Castle-Hughes, winner Sean Penn and director Sofia Coppola are among 1..  | Read.. 
France, US tussle over Nato role in Afghanistan
France has blocked a US bid to deploy Nato’s new strike for ...  | Read.. 

Women sex boost
A drug that seems to drive female rats mad for sex may offe ...  | Read.. 

Hangover cure locked in cactus
Forget about hair of the dog. A hangover cure may be locked ...  | Read.. 

Playboy pestered by hacker
A bored supermarket shelf-stacker hacked into Playbo ...  | Read..