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After killing Korean, militants warn PM
Islamist militants vowed today to assassinate Iraqís interim Prime Minister, just hours after they said they had beheaded a South Korean hostage in the violent run-up to a US handover to Iraqi rule. ...  | Read.. 
Sisters working for US firm shot
Two Iraqi sisters working for a big US firm were killed in a drive-by shooting yesterday near their home in the southern city of Basra, relatives said. ...  | Read.. 
BBC revamps journalism guidelines
The BBC revamped its journalism guidelines today in response to a bruising fight with the British establishment over its Iraq war coverage. ...  | Read.. 
Shaken expats leaving Riyadh
Westerners in Saudi Arabia, shaken by a spate of militant attacks, are sending their families home, moving to neighbouring countries and thinking of leaving the kingdom for g ...  | Read.. 
Wonder web: Kirsten Dunst at the premiere of Spider-Man 2 in Los Angeles. (Reuters)
Sweaty deity
Ape escape
Doc Dylan
Taste the aroma without caffeine concern
Help could soon be on the way for coffee lovers who crave the rich aroma and taste but canít handle..  | Read.. 
Iran holds out hope for release of UK men
Eight British servicemen seized in Iran after their boats strayed into the Islamic Republicís water..  | Read.. 
UN panel pushes US on backfoot
The US abandoned its effort today to seek a UN exemption fo ...  | Read.. 

Teen existed on jam sandwiches for decade
A teenager who has existed on a diet of jam sandwiches for ...  | Read.. 

New Yorkers brave rain, night for My Life
Bill Clinton kicked off a month-long book tour with a book- ...  | Read.. 

US teenage icon being treated for anorexia
Teen actress Mary-Kate Olsen, who with her twin sister Ashl ...  | Read.. 

Pak hawk not to join panel meet
The leader of Pakistanís Opposition said today he would not ...  | Read..