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Potter magic makes Hollywood chant twin mantras
Harry Potter worked some more box office magic and had Hollywood wondering yesterday if new trends of global debuts and strong sequels were developing at movie houses....  | Read.. 
Navy Seal runs into Berry fence
A judge has ordered a former US navy special forces operative accused of stalking Oscar-winning movie star Halle Berry to st ...  | Read.. 
New York yearns to sleep
Now New York wants to be the city that sleeps. ...  | Read.. 
Threat to man’s closest cousin
Humanity’s closest relative, the chimpanzee, could be extinct in around 50 years because it is hunted for meat and threaten ...  | Read.. 
Drink sends Baywatch David behind bars
Actor David Hasselhoff, who played the bare-chested chief lifeguard on the international hit TV series Baywatch, was ...  | Read.. 
Actor turns too old at 41
Alex Kingston, the British actor, has been written out of the American television series ER because she is too ...  | Read.. 
Case File
I am a native of village Mohisgoria, Burdwan, West Bengal. I am currently residing in Jamshedpur where my husband was posted. He was urged to take voluntary retirement in ...  | Read.. 
Street Legal
Is that a gun'
A kind of promotion
Civil disobedience
Actor Antonio Banderas with a life-size Shrek figure at the premiere of Shrek 2 in Mexico City. Banderas is the voice of the character “Puss In Boots” in the film. (AP)