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Left banks on new Manmohan
Once fierce critics of Manmohan Singh, the CPM and the CPI now expect him to be more restrained on liberalisation in his new role as Prime Minister. ...  | Read.. 
Silent cloud on Atal record
Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s silence over what the CPM has dubbed a “sinister attempt” by some of his party colleagues to obstruct Sonia Gandhi from heading a Congress-led alliance ...  | Read.. 
Jaya softens, DMK runs to Delhi
The DMK’s sudden decision to participate in a Congress-led coalition at the Centre has been taken with an eye on the 2006 Assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. ...  | Read.. 
Mulayam seat
Uttar Pradesh chief minister Mulayam Singh Yadav today denied reports that he had decided to resign from the Lok Sabha and would continue as chief minister. ...  | Read.. 
Party ranks above ministry in power rating
It may sound unbelievable, but it’s true. Congress members, out of power for eight long years, are not too keen to join the government. They would rather be All India Con ...  | Read.. 
RJD chief Laloo Prasad Yadav speaks on his cellphone in New Delhi after meeting Congress chief Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday. (PTI)
Nayanar passes away at 86
Temple toll
Sonia to ally: Why should I embarrass you'
Sonia Gandhi chose not to become Prime Minister because she did not want to “embarrass” her allies ..  | Read.. 
Sonia armed with coronation clause
Sonia Gandhi’s authority over the parliamentary wing of her party will continue undiluted even ..  | Read.. 
Abdication not out of fear: Rahul
Rahul Gandhi today clarified that the family’s fears for he ...  | Read.. 

Outside 10 Janpath, frenzy of victory and loss reigns
Bobbing at the end of a stick held high over the crowd, ...  | Read.. 

Raghav prefers grandpa as finance minister, not PM
Raghav Tankha is not amused. Over the past few days, he had ...  | Read.. 

Not a politico, but just right for job
Dr Manmohan Singh is so well known as economist and the fath ...  | Read.. 

Cannes curtain-raiser for Goa festival debut
Seven multiplex cinemas, each with 250-300 seat theatre ...  | Read.. 

‘Mahatma’ effect stuns BJP
Sonia Gandhi’s decision not to accept the Prime Ministe ...  | Read.. 

Ananth can only wait
All dressed up but nowhere to go: that’s the predicamen ...  | Read..