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US battles rebels near Shia shrines
US-led forces battled insurgents around some of the holiest Shia shrines in Iraq today as international pressure built for an interim government to be given real control of military affairs. ...  | Read.. 
Troops try to win hearts with books, frisbees
US Marines toting M-16s handed out frisbees and books to school children in Falluja today, stepping up a hearts-and-minds campaign after ending a siege of the rebellious city ...  | Read.. 
US to probe Afghan prisoner abuse
The US military in Afghanistan has launched its second investigation into prisoner abuse in a week, as the scandal over the treatment of Iraqi detainees threatens to spread. ...  | Read.. 
Bar on some grilling methods
The US military, facing a scandal over the abuse of prisoners at the Abu Ghraib jail, has banned several interrogation methods in Iraq, including sleep and sensory deprivatio ...  | Read.. 
Cameron Diaz with a man dressed as the ogre Shrek during a photocall for the animated film Shrek 2 at the 57th Cannes Film Festival. (Reuters)
Prescott plans future sans Blair
His popularity flagging since the Iraq war, British Prime Minister Tony Blair faced renewed specula..  | Read.. 
Benegal Netaji fits into CannesÂ’ political theme
This year films with a strong political content are much in vogue at Cannes, which makes the I..  | Read.. 
Maoist raid on luxury hotel
Maoist guerrillas stormed a luxury tourist hotel in west Ne ...  | Read.. 

Independent rights panel to be set up, says Pervez
President Pervez Musharraf today announced that an inde ...  | Read..